America Great Again Argument

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The presidential election this year has been intense in both sides of the political parties (Republican and Democrats). And almost all candidates have received personal attacks whether on their wives or qualification to occupy the highest position of the country. From Donald Trump making fun of Ted Cruz 's wife, and to Hillary Clinton in her mind had disqualified Bernie Sanders after losing the New Hampshire primary. Dirty campaign is not new in politics and to win an election has never been easy. Unlike today, before advanced technologies the process was more vulnerable to fraud and inaccuracy. As always, candidates deploy their wining strategy to convince voters that they have the best leadership skills to represent them. For instance, Trump has advocated and utilized "Make America Great Again" a past slogan, used by Ronald Reagan, to win a particular group, and as he once said "the silent group." On the other hand, "Fighting for us" is the message Hillary Clinton has …show more content…
Even though, he has not yet pulled high positive ratings in the polls and can still see as a savior for lots of people because he had saved the country from another great depression. As a result, Clinton is using on this fact to win Obama’s support. In many of her debate, she defends critics that unfavorably undermine the Obama’s administration. As a former first lady, she wants to win her husband supporters. In 2015 a Wall Street Journal poll showed, Bill Clinton was the most admired president in the last 25 years. Will this help Hillary to win the White House? Sure, it is possible. Unlike Obama, when Bill presided the country he made lots of social changes, which embedded in people’s mind. People might think if Hillary becomes president, she will do similar work as her husband. Her gender plays a very important role in this

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