Hillary Clinton Presidential Debate

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1. All six topics were equally important, which made it difficult to single out one most important. After hearing the debate from both presidential candidates, Mrs. Hillary Clinton and Mr. Donald Trump, I have decided the fitness to be a president would be the most important topic. To my belief, the president of the United States is a representative for the nation’s people. The president also greatly influences the other five topics that will greatly affect the people. The president’s actions reflect on what kind of nation the United States would become. Therefore, the characteristics of a presidential candidate would be most important.

During the debate on this topic, Mr. Trump did poorly compare to Mrs. Clinton. He lacks the many virtues that she has. For instance, the first question regarding the recently leaked video of his
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I would feel hopeful for our nation’s future if Mrs. Clinton wins. In addition to her thirty years of experience and her intention to fight for the people, Mrs. Clinton has shown that she’s more fit to be the president than Mr. Trump. One of her goals as a president is to make schools and college free for all poor and middle-class people. As seen throughout history, knowledge is a powerful tool. Therefore, it will help our nation grow if everyone can equip this powerful tool.
Whereas if Mr. Trump wins, I would feel fearful for the future of our nation. Not only he lacks the experience, he is an egocentric (not a characteristic for a leader) and a “spoiled brat” as it has shown during the fitness to be the president topic. A subtle example would be when he answered the question regarding choosing the supreme court, he spent the first quarter of his two-minute limit speaking about judge apologized to him. He also claimed that no one has more respect for women than he does even though his outrageous comments upset women everywhere. When he refused to concede to the outcome, the will of the people, he was showing the act of a

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