Analysis Of Hillary Clinton In The Second Presidential Debate

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In the second presidential debate, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump quarrel over who is modeling the most appropriate and positive behavior for today’s youth. Hillary believes that she is most suitable representative for America because she believes in diversity and unification, which is what will make America a strong country. Clinton effectively establishes her credibility as a presidential candidate by appealing to the emotions of the voters through the use of repetition, process analysis, and emphasizing on Trump’s flaws to prove she is the most credible candidate.
Sited in the text of this debate, Hillary Clinton uses a credible tactic, through the use of process analysis, to show that she has an exceptional plan for the United States if she is elected president. In her first argument she says, “-and I’ve set forth some big goals, getting the economy to work for everyone, not just those at the top, making sure that
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The use of this type of proficiency helps to emphasize her point to the fellow American voters. Telling them to judge candidates by their actions and not by what they say on stage. During the debate, Cooper asks Hillary on her opinion of what Donald had spoken on and on her opinion of his ¨locker room talk¨. She repeatedly used the phrase, “who is trump..” followed by an example of events that proves everything he says on stage makes him a hypocrite. He’s a hypocrite because he tells voters one thing and his actions show otherwise. Later on, Clinton uses another phrase to make voters see why she’s more fit to be elected as president. She wants voters to realize that trump only thinks of himself and not of others or the country. Hillary Clinton proves her point by the repetition of the phrase “ he never apologized..” With this phrase she explains that her opponent is unsympathetic and selfish, making her look admirable and capable of being better suit as president than Donald

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