Thomas Jefferson Speech Rhetorical Devices

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21 June 2016 William Jefferson Clinton Speech Analysis In his farewell address, William Jefferson Clinton spoke of his legacy while in office and the future of America. In his speech, he used forms of rhetorical devices aimed at the audience to show his compassion for the country. His speech illustrates different ways he accomplished his task by convincing the American people that he has done good deeds for the nation. His speech convinces the audience to think in certain ways, he uses his emotions to “sell” a certain idea or a way of thinking to build common ground with them, as well as coming across as an authority figure to validate what he has to say. Even though coming across as an intelligent individual
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“In his first inaugural address, Thomas Jefferson warned of entangling alliances. But in our times, America cannot and must not disentangle itself from the world. If we want the world to embody our shared values, then we must assume a shared responsibility”(Clinton, 2001, p.2). With no evidence to back this claim up besides his past experiences this would be considered a form of pathos. By emotion he is informing the audience that if we were to disentangle ourselves from the world, sharing our values to the world would not be feasible. But because he has already gained the commitment of his audience, making false claims is almost inevitable as his speech comes to an end. Thus, coming to the conclusion that William Jefferson Clinton used logic to secure the audience 's commitment and then evoked common interests to make the audience believe what he has to …show more content…
Thus, concluding that William Jefferson Clinton appeared as an authoritative figure to allow the audience to “trust” what he had to stay. By using pathos and logos he manipulated the audience to believe and think certain ways. Therefore, concluding that speaking the truth is what really establishes your credibility. Manipulating data is commonly seen throughout the political field. Being able to spot and question certain statements from a speech is a trait every person should have. Or else one might become a brainless sheep to one 's political

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