Hillary Clinton Women's Rights Are Human Rights Essay

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Are women's rights human rights? Many people believe this to be true. Former Democratic Presidential Nominee and wife of Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, is an overt supporter of women’s rights and has been known to speak upon this topic. She is most well known for her speech “Women's Rights are Human Rights.” This speech, which was given in 1995 at the United Nations Fourth World Conference of Women, was used to shame the objectors to call upon the supporters to take action and create change for women’s rights across the world (Clinton). Throughout the speech, she employs a variety of strategies to strengthen her argument. She utilizes her political background and her personal history to establish her authority. She also uses word choice to create an emotional appeal to the audience. In addition, she uses facts and logic to back up her claims made during the speech. Hillary Clinton’s speech effectively convinces the audience to take part in opposing worldwide injustice against women by employing the use of the rhetorical strategies: ethos, word choice, logos and pathos. From the beginning of the speech, Hillary Clinton …show more content…
Logos is critical in creating a strong argument because factual statements are true and can’t be denied or twisted by those who oppose. She uses logical statements to show just how important it is to support the rights of women. She explains that women are the “primary caretakers of the most of the world’s children and elderly….yet much of the work we do is not valued” (Clinton). She uses logic to explain the importance of women in the world and the lack of respect that they receive. She wants the audience to realize that they must support women because women do many important jobs that make everyday a possibility. This not only informs the audience, but it gives them a sense of empowerment, pushing them to join Clinton and her fight for full women’s

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