My Career Goal Observation Report

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My career goal is to become a team leader or manager of a unit within the human resources department in the educational field. An understanding of organizational structure is important to me as I prepare to succeed in my chosen career path. Since education is a field that is generally not known for high funding levels, it would be an advantage to know how leadership can positively affect organizational structure and create efficient team outcomes. The teams that exist in my current organization would benefit from a management style that focuses on the development of a strong interpersonal culture. In addition, the emphasis on development programs for team members would help build quality teams that are more effective. This paper will examine how leaders can help create high performance units by being aware of the structure within an organization and how best to lead individuals to contribute positively to the organization. By using the lessons learned within this paper, …show more content…
Knowledgeable team members are better equipped to make a positive contribution to the organizational structure. In order to best maximize their workforce, effective leadership should identify and prioritize training opportunities for employees (Prodanciuc, 2012). By offering motivated team members the chance to demonstrate their willingness to learn new skills, a good manager can begin assessing which individuals are the most engaged. Chien (2004) observed such employees “are more likely to believe they can be a valued part of the organization, to value this role and, because of this belief, engage in behaviors to make a difference in the organization” (p. 431). In addition, team leaders who know which employees need extra support or have different learning preferences can prepare to help those team members become more effective within the

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