The Importance Of Kinship And How It Influences Others Essay

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“In·flu·ence, the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself” (Dictionary). In society people are influenced every day by their peers, family, and the media, they use the influence of others to shape their personalities and help make them grow as a person. People are influenced everyday by many different things, this combines with how people grow us a person. The theme of kinship and how it influences others is found in the book Waterlily compared to kids in today’s society, by being influenced when they were younger, in their teen years, and adulthood. Waterlily as a child uses her mother and grandmother as her guide to show her the basics of being a good kid, similar to kids in society who also using their parents to know the difference between the rights and wrongs to life. Kids in today’s society are using their parents as a guide on early childhood development and how to act when their young. An online source read that "A study investigating the connection between parent’s investment and children’s competence suggests that the emotional involvement of parents really does matter and affects the outcome of their child’s emotional competence and regulation" (Volling 458). This talks about how much time a parent spent with their children effect the way they are going to grow up emotionally and physically. If a parent does not meet emotional commitment, than their child is unable to interact with…

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