Examples Of Kinship In Beowulf

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Heroism, Comitatus, Kinship
Bravery, Loyalty, Friendship
The true values of Anglo-Saxon culture as found in Beowulf in The Wanderer

The Anglo-Saxons were a rich and diverse culture. While it is true they were a warlike culture, they were a lot more than that. Warrior-like-ness was just an attribute of their culture. Two of the most well-known pieces of Anglo-Saxon literature, Beowulf and the Wanderer give a better understanding of this culture we know so little about. This paper will reveal the three foremost values of Anglo saxon literature. The values of kinship, comitatus, and heroism, which served as the glue that held together these warrior communities Kinship is the quality that pretty much kept the individual warriors
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It is quite frankly a large part of the reason there were societies. The bonds of kinship wove individual warriors together into tribes and even kingdoms. Without these bonds, chances are these tribes and kingdoms would have failed to exist. In Beowulf, kinship is seen between Beowulf and his men as well as among the thanes of Hygelac, and Hrothgar. In the Wanderer it cannot be seen directly, but it is seen nostalgically in hindsight. The Wanderer misses having kinsmen and the poem spends quite a few lines on the subject. However, the bonds of thanes to one another isn’t quite enough to hold together these …show more content…
Whether they were other nations, disease, natural disasters, or starvation. Heroism kept them going when the going was tough. Examples in Beowulf are easy to find. Beowulf journeys across the sea to save a kingdom from a monster that was no threat to him, his people, or his king. He also rids that kingdom of a second beast. Later in his life he dies protecting his kingdom from a dragon. He only succeeds because he is aided by the bravery of Wiglaf. Remarkable heroism is exhibited in Beowulf. The Wanderer wishes he had perhaps done some courageous thing that would have saved his king and kingdom. Heroism is an expected value in a warrior culture like

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