How Does Jack Change In Lord Of The Flies

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When a group of people are put into an environment unlike their own, and they have to choose between life and death their mindset is going to change. William Golding, the author of Lord of the flies puts into context how not only children but adults’ personality would change depending on the situation that they are put in. This is the reason why different characters develop different traits throughout the story. All of the characters’ behaviors evolve over time especially during or after a major conflict, slowly transforming them into a different person than they were in the beginning. The reason for this is because they are put in a place that doesn’t follow the behavior society has taught them to follow. A great example for this, is the antagonists Jack Merridew. Jack has developed a lot over the course of the story. Whether it was between conflicts between friends, himself, or outside influences. His personality traits changes significantly, especially when Ralph over shadows Jack and steals the attention away from him. Jack eventually loses his power to Ralph and even his influences on the …show more content…
When Jack Merridew was placed in this type of environment and put into confrontations that challenged his dominance, his negative traits overpower his good ones. In the beginning he was brought up as a very needy choir boy who was longing for attention. When we got to see how he behaves and thinks as the boys stay longer in the island, we see a sociopath that is very manipulative, power-hungry, and primitive. I believe Jack was never like this before he ended up in this situation. This leads me to believe that the influences around us will also impact our behaviors and our decisions. So what does that mean exactly? Are humans naturally savage and because of society we are not allowed to show our true selves? Or does our surrounding environment and influences affect the way we

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