The Importance Of Killing Animals

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In contrast, killing animals is not valid because it is cruel thing to do. First, some country kills many animals for ceremony by cruel ways. For example, they cut animals’ head while they still alive. They stabbed animals with no mercy. It is uncivilized festival. As Pickover says “the cruel traditions should not be admiration and respect because it is not a good culture” (Berger, S, 2009).
So, killing animals that brutal and inhuman is not an appropriate thing to do. In the ceremony, we must do the good thing such as prayer for god and ourselves. Killing someone on that day is not a good idea anymore. Why can we kill them like we are devil? We should not think that animals do not pain.
Animals have their mind like human. Nowadays, many
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They just think that animals can find the new home in shelter. There are many ways that do not end in this way. Singer founds that “Killing a merely sentient creature (with a pleasant future) is wrong because it robs the animal of the pleasant future it would otherwise have” (Kagan, S, 2015)
It can be seen that we do not know that this animal may find a new lovely family and house in the future. If we kill them now, it is a wrong decision for them.
However, killing animal for sport is not acceptable. Why can human kill animals for fun or hobby on the suffering of animals? It is an act of cruelty. For instance, many hunters have so much fun to kill the wildlife by using powerful weapons and always take a photograph with the pitiful body such as elephant, tiger, or lion. Mitra explains that “Hunters kill the poor animals, not for food or anything else but for selling them as trophies” (2012). It means human only think of the honor. We do not care anything. We show people that we can kill them for gaming and
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Everything is equal both human and animals. When we do something, we must get the same result. We must pay for the bad thing that we have done to people and animals.
Finally, it is a good thing to mercy on animals as Islam. This religion can refrain from eating pigs. Al-Albani shows that “If you had mercy on the sheep, then Allah will have mercy on you twice” (Sammer, 2017). It means if you can ignore to kill animals, God will give you mercy too. You will get good things for doing this. In conclusion, killing animal have both advantages and disadvantages. Advantages of killing animals are used for food, out of suffering, and dangerous animals. These reasons are the important point that we can kill animals for surviving and helping them. In contrast, we should not kill animals for these following reasons: the cruel thing, the animal extinction, and contrast to religion. In my opinion, killing animals is not appropriate. If it is necessary to do for food or help them, it can do it. If you kill animals in anger or cruel action, I disagree in this point. Every living thing have value in their own. Human does not want to die while animals are the

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