The Importance Of Kept Me From Performing At The University Of Oklahoma

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In my opinion, there are many various reasons that kept me from performing to the best of my academic ability while I attended my freshman year of college at The University of Oklahoma. I experienced the normal struggles that any regular college student would, but I also dealt with many bigger and tougher trials during the fall semester that eventually carried over into the spring semester, as well. A few weeks before the fall semester ended, I had a huge boulder dropped on my shoulders when I was informed that my parents were getting a divorce after being married for over twenty years. The terrible news that I had received eventually took a huge toll on not only my academic career, but also my personal and family life. My parents had been married my entire life, so when reality finally set in that the decision was not going to change, I quickly became depressed and confused because of all the stress, anger, and sadness that had not previously been in my life because it followed me everywhere that I went like cloud. If a person were to ask my friends about me, he or she would find out that for the most part, I am usually a happy person, but after hearing the terrible news my moods suddenly changed and I felt as if my life was spiraling out of control. All of the negative aspects in my life eventually took a big toll on my academic career and life in general. After my parents got divorced, I was not the same old chipper person that I once was at the beginning of that fall…

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