Petruchio In Taming Of The Shrew

In Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew”, Petruchio’s method for “taming” Kate is described throughtout the play either in a very subtle way that Kate doesn’t notice, or in a directly to Kate to show his intentions with her. Kate is aware of his goal to tame her, but she didn’t see how and when he started taming her. As Petruchio starts his “taming” process, he slowly accomplishes his goal by using humiliation,starvationa and fatigue, and acting more shrewish than Kate is. The first thing Petruchio decides to do is responding to Kate’s shrewness as friendliness and compliment about her. He talks to himself, ”Say that she rail; why, then I’ll tell her plain She sings as sweetly as a nightingale:”(II.i.172-173) He plans to respond the exact …show more content…
He arrives to his own wedding very late wearing clownish clothes and behaves badly during the wedding ceremony. He asks for wine as if he’s with his friends, hits the priest, throws the sop in the sexton’s face and roughly kissed Kate that everyone can hear the sound in the Church. Gremio comments that “Such a mad marriage never was before:” (III.ii.184) Unknowing to Kate, this is the beginning of Petruchio’s taming process. At the beginning of the wedding party, Petruchio tells the guests that he must leave immediately with his wife without any further explanation. When Kate refuses to go, Petruchio tells Kate that she is “My household stuff, my field, my barn, My horse, my ox. my ass, my anything” (III.ii.233-234) Petruchio describes Kate as part of his possession, wanting to take it home. He lifts Kate and leaves the party, shocking everyone. Later, when the newlyweds arrive at Petruchio’s house, the real taming starts. Taking advantage of Kate’s lack of energy and hunger, Petruchio purposely picks on how the food is terribly cooked. Kate retorts when Petruchio says, “‘Tis burnt, so is all the meat.” (IV.i.166) Kate fully know that the food is cooked perfectly well, so she talks back to him, “The meat was well, if you were so contented.” (IV.I.173) Petruchio doesn’t let her eat anything and takes her to her bedroom to let her rest from the long journey, eventhough he’s not going to let her

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