Two Sisters In Taming Of The Shrew

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Elizabeth Fishel once said “a sister is both your mirror - and your opposite.” No two sisters are the same; however, all sisters have similarities and Katherine and Bianca are no different. Shakespeare’s play Taming of The Shrew features two sisters on their journey to find husbands. These two sisters, Katherine and Bianca, are very different in many ways, while at the same time they have many things in common. Most of their similarities and differences are noticeable in the way they treat others. The sisters treat their father very differently and they treat one another very differently but the clearest of all is the way they treat their husbands. In Taming of The Shrew by William Shakespeare, Katherine and Bianca prove that no two sisters are the same in their behaviours, social interactions and romantic relationships.
Katharine is considered a shrew by all the other characters in the play and she is an old, quick witted, careless woman. She is past the usual marriageable age and the way
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They both change significantly throughout the play and they both seem to be different people than the audience would initially assume. The two sisters are different in that Bianca wants nothing but to be in love while Kate is fine living without a husband. They both end up getting married, leading to another difference which is how they treat their husbands. Kate is respectful and submits to her husband while Bianca could not care less about what her husband is asking from her. In a comparison of the Minola sisters from Shakespeare’s play Taming of The Shrew, it is clear that Bianca and Katherine are very different people but at the same time they do very similar things. Just like with any sisters, it is not hard to quickly spot similarities and differences between Kate and Bianca throughout the

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