Job Search Process Analysis

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The knowledge received throughout this course has been valuable for students of different culture and background. Going through the material that the book had to offer was interesting and motivating. Also, the assignments were well-structured and made students work on their skills needed in real life. Additionally, the weekly discussion helped everyone learn something about other people’s way to achieve goals. Moreover, the information analyzed for the entire semester is going to be important for the next steps in life. The job process search process is sometime tough to organize in an effective way. It is helpful in this case to think about the job search as a cycle with different phases. This will help in the future when a person is going …show more content…
An employee who is honest shows that he or she can be dependable and reliable. Also, an employee should demonstrate trustworthiness to his or her coworkers and employer. Being fair means being able to share credits when the work is done right, so the employer will realize that fairness is part of the employee quality. This will help anyone looking for a job understand the way employers analyze who is the best candidate to fill up the position. Networking is the first source of finding a job. It is important to develop relationships with people who can help with job search strategies and job leads. It is easier to find a job through networking because employers hire people who are referred to them personally. The detailed analysis of networking is going to help people identify the right connection, and use their help to find the right job. “The more people you make aware of your job search, the more solid leads you can get”(Hardwood, 2013, p.63).Writing an outstanding resume is not easy, and it takes time to write the right the resume that will guarantee a job. A resume should have appropriate sections organized in chronological, skills, or combination. Also, it should be in different formats in order to make the distribution easy. A resume also should be customized for each job listing. A candidate’s resume is important because it is the first impression given to a potential employer. This section will help anyone master the strategies necessary to write a good resume.An interview is the chance for a candidate to give his or her best in order to get a job. The first essential part is making sure that the interviewer likes the candidate. Then, project confidence and determination to get the job. Also, the interviewer likes to see people with enthusiasm trying to get the job. Studying the employer and the job is a good way to make the interviewer understand that the candidate

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