Five Types Of Interpersonal Behaviors

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Trustworthy people in the world today are becoming more and more difficult to find. As society has advanced and the world went into overdrive people have been forced to abandon certain behaviors that were once common throughout the world such as those commonly referred to interpersonal behaviors. Interpersonal personal behaviors that are associated with interpersonal trust are availability, competence, consistency, discreetness, fairness, integrity, loyalty, openness, promise fulfillment, receptivity and overall trust. These eleven behaviors play an important part in building a lasting and productive relationship in both our social and business lives. Of these eleven behaviors that makeup interpersonal trust these five are the most important …show more content…
Back not so long ago if an individual was hired with a company they tended to stay with it their entire career, divorce was a rare occurrence and if a co-worker needed help with anything people were there to help. Especially this type of behavior appears to have been forgotten by today’s workforce that bail out of one job for another because of money or the possibility of a promotion with almost not work. Divorces have drastically increased simply because people don’t like living with one another or their spouses looks and not because of infidelity or other immoral reasons as in the nation’s past. In the business world of today employees are more self centered and worry about how it affects them but careless how circumstances affect others within their professional circle at a company.
The final behavior that I feel is important to interpersonal trust is openness. A leader’s ability to have and maintain a open mind and opinion on subjects is so important in building trust with people. When any remains open to suggestions when dealing with situations I feel that this makes their subordinate employees feel they valued team members and that their opinions matter. The leader has the ultimate responsibility to make the final decisions about what actions are to be taken, but by being open to suggestions employees feel a sense
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I have listed and briefly described five of those behaviors that I feel are the most important to me and attempted to explain why from my perspective. Each person must look within themselves to figure out what they need to build interpersonal trust with anyone regardless of circumstances surrounding the situation. This is can be difficult for some, because of past experiences in their personal life and career but trust is possible if the individual is ready and willing to place themselves in uncomfortable areas where they could be hurt emotionally (as in a personal relationship) or physically(climbing a mountain or tandem skydiving) depending on the type of

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