Essay about The Importance Of Informatics And Nursing Informatics

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When researching articles for this week’s assignment I decided to focus on two aspects of nursing informatics, why nurses need to understand informatics and challenges in nursing informatics. The first article I read was titled “Why Nurses Need to Understand Nursing Informatics”. This article was fantastic and helped pull together everything from our readings this week. This article stresses the importance of informatics within all disciplines of nursing and how important it is for nurses to understand the relevance of nursing informatics within their practice. There were three particular practices that the discussed, clinical practice, nursing education, and nurse executives. In clinical practice, nursing informatics can be used to monitor patient outcomes, track trends, and assess workloads of patient care, and essential interventions for individual patients. In nursing education, nursing informatics allows virtual teaching, learning, assessment techniques, and analysis of educational outcomes by using virtual tools. In the nurse executive aspect, nursing informatics allows for cost containment, improved workflow, provides budget tools, gives decision support, and shows trends of costs/savings (McGonigle, Hunter, Sipes, & Hebda, 2014). This article also discussed the process of converting raw data to wisdom. Data that becomes information, that information becomes knowledge, and that knowledge is applied to acquire wisdom.
The second article I read was titled,…

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