Infant Breastfeeding Observation

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Studying Child Development is extremely important to me, not only as a freshman student who pick Human Development and Family study as her major, but also as a mother who needs to learn a lot about human development in order to understand the development of her children in particular and later to be able to address her children’s questions and concerns about their growth and development in a proper manner with accurate facts rather than her own belief. In a particular project, by conducting an infant feeding observation, I am able to see the importance of the infant feeding in building a child’s secured attachment and bonding to the mother and care givers as a form of non-verbal communication and the role it plays in a child development.
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According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, infant should be fed with breast milk through the first year and longer if possible (HDEV, 80). From birth, infant should be fed either breast milk or an iron-fortified infant formula. The solid food is not recommended until about four to six months of age. Beside the undeniable nutrition that the infants received from the breast milk, I find it is amazing how breastfeeding build a great relationship between mother and baby. Danielle gives her son breast feed between every two to three hours. Each time, Amari was fed for bout twenty minutes up to half an hour. Amari is a very strong and healthy baby. In his first four months, he was fed with breastmilk and formula milk only. Whenever Amari was breastfed, Dannielle usually sits in the rocking chair, turn the TV volume down and swing the chair slowly as she starts putting the bib around Amari’s neck. At this moment, Amari shows his “giggling eyes” and his hand rubbing around mommy’s chest and neck. He likely falls to sleep in the middle of his breastfeed, …show more content…
The relationship between mother (major caregiver) and the child has created a foundation of the baby’s healthy growth and development. As such, Amari’s development depends on both the trait he was born with (nature), and what he experience (nurture). Furthermore, the social, emotional, intellectual, language and motor are linked, depends on and influences, the others. The mother’s actions when doing breastfeeding such as talking, cuddling, telling story or singing has created a huge experience to the child and help to shape his development and the ability of adapting to the surrounding

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