The Importance Of Inclusion Programs For Students With Disabilities

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One of the most controversial issues faced by educators today is how to provide adequate education to students with disabilities. Many strategies have been implemented and studied to determine a possible solution to this problem. Inclusion is one of the current strategies being tested. In order for inclusion programs to be implemented properly it is important to understand the definition of inclusion programs and the desired outcome they hope to achieve in educational psychology. An inclusion program means that students with disabilities will spend all or the majority of their school day in the general education classroom with other students opposed to a self-contained classroom with only other students with disabilities. With this in mind, it is not to be said that the student with a disability will no longer receive the support that they would have received in a self-contained classroom. The services that would otherwise be provided to the student outside the regular classroom, will now also be available to the student inside the regular classroom. The purpose of implicating this practice is to provide all children with the opportunity to receive the best education possible by placing them in the most beneficial learning environments possible. In this paper, I will be examining the beneficial effects of inclusion programs on the academic achievement, social and behavioural development of students with disabilities.
Many studies have come to the conclusion that inclusion…

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