Incivility In Nursing: A Literature Review

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According to Elmblad, Kodjebacheva, Lebeck,. (2014). “Incivility is a chief issue in healthcare that has extensive negative implications on the recipient, health care team, organization and patient”. (pg.1) The profession of nursing, like other health related professions, carries a high level of stress due to the nature and expectations of this career path. Nurses are required to communicate effectively with physicians, families, patients and coworkers; they are called upon to be advocates not only their patients but also themselves. Due to the collaborative nature of nursing, nurses are uniquely positioned to fall prey to acts of incivility. De Villers and Cohn (2017) highlights how common incivility is in the work place. From another reported …show more content…
Daily activities require nurses’ use their knowledge and skills to adequately care for patients. This requires focus, diligence and collaboration with other nurses and healthcare professionals. March and Cabrera highlights incivility in nursing occurring both vertically and horizontally. The authors outline vertical incivility being manifested in inadequate leadership and a lack of commitment to a zero tolerance policy while horizontal incivility can be seen in deeming actions amongst peers. Though nursing is autonomous in nature, it depends greatly on collaborative work to effectively complete a task. Ineffective collaboration, throughout all levels of nursing, can ultimately impact the quality of care provided; non-nurse and nursing staff as well as nursing management all need to work cohesively to achieve the desired goal. March and Cabrera (2017) state that incivility “erodes self-confidence and can result in emotional distress and stress-related health problems”. It is important to note that there is a significant correlation with incivility and negative patient outcomes. March and Cabrera (2017) highlights an increased risk of medication errors and patient falls that can be directly linked to decreased performance caused by incivility. Nurses exposed to incivility in the workplace, will typically become stressed and over time display poor mental

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