Should Society View Immigrants As Dangerous Individuals

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What would it be like if immigrants were not here? If the cultural food many Americans loved disappeared? If the buildings they built were gone? Immigrants should have the right to stay and live in the United States just like everyone else. The majority of undocumented immigrants are actually working hard to get to the point where they are at currently. It is not easy to find a living in a place where you don’t exist. They should not be characterized by their mistakes because everyone makes them. An immigrant is defined as a person who was not born in the United States. Society should not view immigrants as dangerous individuals because they’re paying taxes, they’re helping start new businesses, and they’re helping boost the DREAM ACT. Society should not view immigrants as dangerous individuals because they’re still paying taxes. Billions of dollars each year are paid by immigrants. According to American Immigration Council, “ Undocumented immigrants paid 11.6 billion dollars in state and local taxes in 2013”(AIC). As stated above immigrants are paying a lot of money towards taxes and they’re getting nothing in return.Yet they’re considered the bad people and even if they are not legal they are still helping out some Americans don’t even do that. Therefore, society should not view immigrants as dangerous …show more content…
Immigrants are increasing US economic growth and job creations. According to New American Econ, “ Immigrants started 28% of all new US businesses in 2011”(New American Econ). The quote is showing us statistically how immigrants are making money for the US. In fact, a lot of immigrants are good business owners. Immigrants should not be seen as bad people because they’re creating new jobs to help the USA. Some Americans actually claim that immigrants are “stealing” or “taking” their jobs which are not the

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