The Importance Of Immigrants And Their Rights

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Immigrants and their Rights
Why do mexican cross the border in pair? because it says tres-passing. immigrants should have the same rights as an united states citizens, because immigrants have families in the united states, some parents have to leave there kids behind to come do to economy in their countries and also immigrants in the united states also help the economy be creating jobs and paying taxes to the united states. nearly 8% of all new LPRs in 2011 were children with immediate relatives as current citizens in the US, and 33.2% of immigrants were under the age of 25( More than 1 million immigrants became legal permanent residents (LPRs) of the United States in 2011. Even though some people believe that the government
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Although families have to split from their families they contribute to the united states economy.immigrants in the united states get hated alot because their a mis judge by stupidity and lies, tent to judge them because some of them don 't speak as good as other people who have been in the U.S the longest, and they think that immigrants can 't defend themselves but people don 't realise that everyday the languages grow and immigrants are starting to learn english to be able to work harder and better to understand others. but this is not the case because immigrants are still being judge and criticize without any purpose many U.S citizens say immigrants bring crime and their trying to steal the benefits the united states offer. but what they don 't see is that immigrants have the lowest percent of crime rate in the united states and immigrants do to them working hard sometimes dont depend on U.S benefits, also immigrants are being accused of not supporting the country, but many immigrants serve in the u.s. army and or marines also immigrants pay taxes and a lot more than the other U.S …show more content…
united states wouldn 't be united states without immigrants because united states is well known for a diverse culture and being free to follow your own believes.

The government should NOT give immigrants the same equal rights as a united state citizen. Immigrants come to the united states because they want welfare and and all that u.s. offers. Immigrants move to new countries to get on welfare, unemployment, or other "free money" programs(Immigrant stories). People usually move to new countries in search of honest work for decent pay. Most immigrants work and pay taxes, so they actually help their new nation 's economy rather than hurt it. They are really in need of some permanent source income by which they can support their family back

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