The Importance Of Illegal Immigration

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Register to read the introduction… Part I to this reform is very similar to how I feel in ensuring more safety, especially along the border. The border patrol does tremendous work, but only so much can be accomplished with the sheer size of our borders. This is where I highly agree with the need to provide them with the latest technology, so they continually have the upper hand. The next and possibly even more important step to this securing of the border, is the utilization of unmanned surveillance equipment. This equipment can effectively “shrink” the size of the border, by making it easier to cover more ground in less time. This is not only more effective in stopping illegal immigrants from crossing the border, but it also reduces the need to deploy more bodies along the border. The advanced technological approach is the way to go, as much …show more content…
The ultimate reason and incentive for any illegal immigration is the availably of jobs. Currently there are little to no disincentives directed at companies hiring illegal immigrants. This creates an environment in which the logical choice for companies is to just hire these undocumented workers, where many expenses can be avoided. This not only increases the will to move into this country illegally, but it also hurts the economy as much of this labor is untaxed and spent outside of the United States. There must be tougher laws in place, much in line with the stiff penalties and criminal charges that may come from the future hiring of these illegal immigrants. If we make it nearly impossible for these companies to hire illegal workers, more and more immigrants will be incentivized to enter the country on the legal route. This entrance, once done legally, will not only reduce the need to come into this country illegally but it will also boost the economy, as the tax base would

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