Humour: Techniques Used In Humorous Advertising

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Humour has been around for as long as there has been humanity. In advertising, it has been used for generations to attract people from all walks of life. Humour is universal; therefore, companies should use humorous advertising as it has a positive result that goes beyond the short term. It has an ongoing effect, yet its success over the long term is compelling.
In fact, humour is one of the few tools that businesses can use in their advertisements to get a result that goes beyond their expectations. Its effect goes beyond the short term due to the fact is that it builds strong brands’ names. Brands are intangibles assets that differentiate companies, and humour is commonly associated with increasing product awareness. Humour makes the viewer feel good about the advertisement and these positive feelings create profound brand recognition (Khan 22). It charms human emotions as the entertaining message stands to stimulate brand engagement. Humorous advertisement has a strong purpose of brand
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It has been proved that humour in advertising attracts more people than any other kind of advertising (Duncan, Frontczak, and Nelson 434). Humour is a great way to break through the barrier that consumers instinctively put up when they see an advertisement. The funny part of the advertisement is that it attracts people to want to discover more about the company. Thus by wanting to know more, customers come to the company based on the power of the advertisements they see or hear. No matter how good a business is, without customers’ attention, it cannot move further. For good companies, the attention will last as they have the greatest way to show to their customers what they are capable of. Mostly when customers have knowledge about a company, they keep in touch with its updates. Thus anything that needs to grow needs attention in order to measure its success, and humour attracts

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