Exemplification Essay: Hitler's Role In History

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We all know the story of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, right? Every American knows that these people were much more than Americans, they were great American Presidents. These were men who physically changed the world to be the way it is today, imagine if our nation was never born or turned away from racial discrimination. America would not be where we are today if it wasn’t for these men and many other great Americans like them. Why could I safely assume that you knew who these men were? Why is it that if you are over the age of seven and have had any form of education that you did know who these men were? The fact of the matter is that as we are educated in school we are all ‘forced’ to take a history class at one point or another. …show more content…
The reason that Hitler finally came to an end was because he ticked enough people off and eventually it all caught up to him. It’s important for people to know about these things so we can learn from them, think about it ever society up to this point has had some sort of history education. Generals have been studying past battle tactics since the beginning, now we study those same generals’ moves. History is extremely important, the only thing more important are the people who made that history come true. To what point do we stop educating people about history? Why is it that we all know about the Presidents, but don’t know about others who were just as important? Someone who I believe we should all be aware of is a man who before a couple of weeks ago I didn’t know the name of. This man is Jack Johnson, maybe you’ve heard of him. Mr. Johnson was a very famous and controversial boxer, born on March 31, 1878 in Galveston, Texas. If you haven’t heard his name before now I kind of pity you, I believe that every American should know the name of Mr. Jack Johnson because he was able to break the color barrier, a great boxer, and a true

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