Differences Of Howard Zinn's A People's History Of The United States?

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African Americans I have always been interested in history. During my younger years it was always my favorite class and I always gave extra attention to my studies in those classes. I even took additional history course that were not required at every level of education. It is disappointing to know that I was lied to in every course I took. Both the text books that were assigned as well as online resources that were used, changed facts about how events truly took place in our past. Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States takes a stand against this type of thinking and education.
Zinn’s perspective Zinn takes the perspective of the oppressed throughout our history and tells how life truly was for these people. Zinn takes a
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This is something else that is often used in arguments by ignorant people who have had their history “whitewashed”. The truth is most of the Africans who captured and sold others into slavery did so because they were caught up in the slave trade themselves. If they did not comply with the Europeans and bring in a certain number of people to be sold into slavery they would be captured and forced into slavery themselves. This meant comply or become a slave yourself. (Jama …show more content…
This was psychological war at its best, at some point during all this the spirit of a vast majority of this population must have been ripped from them altogether. In 1875 The United States once again gave some hope back to these people by passing the Civil Rights Act which “gave rights to all African Americans and outlawed discrimination against black citizens in public facilities” (Marx, 2004, 72). This was a major step forward for both the United States and African Americans, until 1883 when the bill was nullified by the supreme court and all of these rights were once again stripped from them sending many people deep into a spiraling mess of confusion, feelings of worthlessness, fear, and many

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