The Importance Of Higher Student Achievement

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In each school district across the United States there is one common goal. From public schools in downtown Chicago to small rural schools in Kansas, every community is striving for one thing. Whether private or public, whether big or small; each school district desires to see their students reach the highest academic achievement possible. The most influential person to a student’s achievement is their teacher. Whether a Mr., Mrs., or Miss, it is the teacher who sets the academic standard for each student and helps them to push towards that goal. Because of the important role that teachers play in students’ academics, certain things, such as financial aid and special recognition, should be fulfilled by the school districts in order to help each teacher stay attuned and attentive while helping their students achieve the highest academic achievement possible. For students to accomplish the highest education achievement possible, it is the …show more content…
In order to create the highest student achievement possible, school districts must focus on their teachers. One way to encourage teachers to continue to do their best is by rewarding teachers’ hard work. One source put it best be saying, “Districts that want to improve student achievement can begin by changing the way they pay and otherwise encourage those who teach” (“Teaching” 1). Because people tend to work harder after being rewarded or recognized for their hard work, a “group of business, civic, and education leaders” (“Teaching”, 1) recommend that teachers should receive financial bonuses or other rewards for their work. Raising the wage of a teacher will have positive effects on the students also because teachers will desire to improve their teaching. This improvement in their performance causes students to learn better and to have a greater desire to

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