3. How Do You Foster Achievement From All Students?

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1. How do you motivate the students?

The teacher plans the lessons based on the age that is appropriate and of their interest. She varies the activities and group work. She randomly chooses different children in the classroom to share their work to make sure everyone is motivated to do their best. She praises students when they make good choices or work hard. The class has a reward system in place where students can earn special privileges that have been determined by them (extra time on computers, and homework pass). Most importantly, she motives the students by letting them know they are capable of meeting her high expectations. They know they can make good progress and do a good job on the task at hand. She lets them know they can do it
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How do you motivate students to seek help if they need it?

The teacher will talk one-on-one with the student so you do not put the child on the spot and embarrass them in front of classmate. A one-on-one conversation establishes the nature of the need and lets them know that you are not only concerned, but willing to help them in whatever way you can for success.

4. How do you foster achievement from all students?

The teacher tries to design assessments that can help the students show their personal strengths. For example, students who are creative and artistic, are given the chance to show what they learn and use their strengths. If the assessment was the same for all students, the teacher is very clear in her expectations and often models the assignment for the students.

5. What is the best way to show students you are passionate about what you’re teaching?

Be excited in what you are teaching. Talk about it. The teacher loves to read stories in the classroom, so she would always related other books to them in class.

6. How do you show students you want them to succeed?

The teacher hangs up their work for parents to see up on display. She encourages them along the way throughout the
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The boys like to read books about sports, bugs, trucks, and girls like to read about horses, princesses, etc. Gender differences are not prominent in behavior, skills, and their needs.

8. What types of modifications need to be made most frequently?

The teacher tries to provide visual, oral, and written directives in the classroom. During the skill levels (low-modified program) helps students to better understand assessment.

9. How do you modify your teaching based on how different students learn?

The teacher’s transition is frequently. She may give group instructions, then switch to independent work, then show a video clip (of lesson), etc.

10. How do you demonstrate flexibility throughout the

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