The Importance Of Health And Physical Fitness Life

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Enhancing health and well-being is an important aspect of everyone’s lives. Exercise can benefit a person physically, but more importantly mentally. Various exercise activities can improve mood when you are down and even eliminate stress in your life. It gives you a chance to escape your everyday routine and have some time to your own. Exercise, whether we know it or not, is an important aspect of life from the time when you can walk all the way until the day you die. In order to stay on track, I will be going through my life, determining the important steps for me to take to live a long, healthy, physically active life. Before I can begin to explain my plans for my future in regards to a healthy and physically fit life, I think it is important …show more content…
I went through the transtheoretical model, which is the five-step process to change (Deluga, 2016), which in my case, happened to be to weight lifting. The first step was the precontemplation stage. This happened during my freshman year of college. I was a skinny kid that didn’t have any motivation or purpose to go to the gym. I became content with the way I was and didn’t think about working out on my own because I wasn’t doing it for a team. This transitioned into the contemplation stage, where I received motivation from others around me. This follows the social cognitive theory, which states that exercise behavior is influenced by both personal factors as well as environmental factors (Deluga, 2016). In my case, I can agree with both reasons. My roommates went to the gym, where they were encouraging me to join them, and at some point, I started giving it some real thought, which was also about the same time I realized I needed to change for myself. Following that is the preparation stage, where I finally gave in and went to the gym with them. I would come up with excuses some days of the week because I wasn’t overly confident with going, so I would only go to the gym with them a couple days a week, not a routine by any

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