The Importance Of Guidance Counseling Through The Lens Of A Formative Evaluation

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Throughout my service learning placement, I have been absorbing information to answer my curiosities within the position of an elementary guidance counselor. Although I have not been strictly recording data to gather for Orchard Hill Elementary School, I have been observing the factors of guidance counseling through the lens of a formative evaluation. According to the text by Darling and Cassidy, a formative evaluation “Generates information for the purposes of planning, monitoring, and improving programs (p.155).” In addition, this system “may prompt changes during the program (e.g., re-teaching, removing barriers, etc.) to increase opportunity to reach program goals” (Kennedy, Lecture 11/1). The first step in this process is to identify the needs and goals you hope to see in the program you’re working with.
Similarly to the beginning of the semester, the goal I am hoping to achieve throughout this experience is to learn more effective ways to communicate with several age groups; kindergarten through sixth grade. In order to reach this goal, it is imperative that I ask myself questions to “evaluate” at this point in the process of meeting this aspiration. One question I have posed is, are children in kindergarten learning expected materials at the same rate as sixth graders? Another aspect of the placement I have explored is what teaching strategies seem to be working and not working. Finally, I observe the most tangible result which answers the question, are students able…

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