The Importance Of Free Community Education

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Education is historically important, and considered a great equalizer in American society and all over the world for both the rich and the poor, and is capable of lifting up disadvantaged people in our society, and meets the ordinant dictations of a growing economy. Today, education is becoming less and less of a priority due to the achievement range between individuals in the lower and middle classes, compared to the upper class which is said to be a threat because as this priority decreases in value, the economy is spiraling downward and backwards in development, however income inequality may be hugely impacted in the American economy through free community college.
Though considering free community college in America may bring concerns
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One of the largest financial burdens most families carries is their children’s college education. College costs bring many middle class families down to the lower class. When money goes to education in a family, then there may be less or even no chances of saving for unforeseen circumstances like health issues, unemployment that many families might experience which could be a very devastating period for them. I remember when my father, who owed his own business, was paying for my siblings college cost, being that it was three children at once, it was tough for my family during that time. It not only affected only my father but it affected the whole family in a way that we hardly got the normal portion of food we were used to, and most other things we liked to get we couldn’t get them anymore. Sometimes one of us would fall sick and my parents had to use the college fund and emergency fund saved to pay for health care cost, that in turn increased tension for replacing the used funds that was taken out of both school and emergency savings. This would be a good case if the the college cost of my siblings were free, and it would have helped to increase the financial safety net, while at the same time securing my father’s business due to the impact of reduced income …show more content…
It may lead to a high rate of higher degree holders in our society. For example, Most young and older people who never had opportunities to go to college when they were supposed to, due to low funds, they would be willing to go back to college to pursue and benefit the degree they wanted and never thought they could have. Just like my neighbour’s situation, who looked forward to getting a college degree one day so she could get more skills and also try to get study further so she could earn more which would lead her to getting a higher degree if income income inequality could be

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