Why Do Sports Really Kill Academics?

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Sports give people enjoyment, but it should not be the focus in schools because it does not give students the best chance to succeed. Many people believe that sports is as important as academics because it gives students another way to success. However, academics give people the best opportunities to be successful in life. Although many people believe that schools should focus on sports, schools and students should focus on sports because academics give a better chance to get a college scholarship, focusing on both can put stress on a student, and focusing on sports send the wrong message or lesson about life.

Some people claim that schools that focus on sports get most of their students full athletic scholarships to go to colleges. In the article “High-School Sports Aren 't Killing Academics”, the authors Daniel H. Bowen and Colin Hitt, argue that “ a promising athlete will get many perks in colleges and a free ride in colleges”(Bowen and Hitt). However, this is false because there is not many full-ride athletic scholarships given out. Although the author believes that athletes have no worries to pay for school, many athletes do not get a lot of money to pay to go to colleges. Furthermore in the article, “Scoring a College Athletic Scholarship”, the author states, “athletic scholarships. According to the NCAA, only 2 percent of high school “athletes, roughly 130,000 kids, bag a full or partial scholarship”(Shaughnessy). We can discredit the previous theory because out of the
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Succeeding using only Sports is very difficult and rare. Academics give students opportunities to do great things in the world for a longer time than sports. Academics give people the opportunity to have specialized jobs that can change the world. Many high paying jobs do not look to see if someone is athletic they only look at someone’s your academic

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