Feedback In The Writing Process

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The development of writing is an essential process, and requires a direct approach to improve it. But, the improvement of writing depends on the knowledge and the development of writing. The elaboration of ideas requires a review by the teacher, to tell that the writing is in a good way or need to change or to add any information about the topic. Getting appropriate feedback tells where should focused more, however, feedback is useful, it could help to understand the content of the writing. Feedback is a fundamental element of a process approach to writing. It may have a definition given from the teacher or peers, with the effect of providing information to revise the writing, usually become in the form of comments, questions,
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The best way of getting feedback is when the teacher marks where should improve or give more information.

Summative and Formative of Feedback
Two general types of feedback, summative and formative. Formative feedback entails commenting throughout the text on specific errors or missteps that encourages and informs a writer of any gaps in their writing.
In view of this, we are of the opinion that feedback in a Writing Centre, focused as it is on writing as a process, needs to be encouraging and formative. Writers need to see writing a continuous process which can always be improved upon. In contrast, summative feedback is a little too general and it is usually given at the end of an assignment. It does have a place, but perhaps not in the Writing, and certainly not on its own.
Based on some arguments, we believe that feedback is very useful for teachers because it helps the students to improve on their writing 3”(Maddalena Tara
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So, Feedback is a form of evaluation made by peers, teacher or self-correction to improve and increase the capacity of accuracy on second language writing. Based on some types of feedback that we have elaborate on this paper that shows the importance of getting feedback. Getting feedback helps students to improve and develop abilities on writing, avoiding all gaps and errors by their text, and also to provide opportunities to expand their ideas.
Getting feedback by the teacher helps to get higher grade, and motivates to work harder in improvement of writing.
As the result of these types of feedback students will get more knowledge about writing and will be able to comprehend the content of feedback, provided by the

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