Faith In Uncle Tom's Cabin

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How life is different without faith? [HK]. It is a question that we as a Christian often wonder about the importance of faith gives us hopes in heaven and life [BRG]. Uncle Tom’s Cabin shows us how faith is very important for our hopes in daily life and how we act to our obstacles in life [TH]. The Christian characters in Uncle Tom’s Cabin use their faith to motivate others by having faith, to tell others Jesus Christ and put faith in him to go to heaven, to help others in hard times [OS].

Tom showed his strong faith as a concern to other people’s faith; he showed his concerns toward Augustine St. Clare and Legree, and motivates them for their doubts and actions [TS1]. After Eva’s death, St. Clare said to Tom that his life is like an empty
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Clare and her servants [TS2]. On one Sunday evening, Tom and Eva were sitting on a mossy seat discussing about where heaven is [CE4]. On the discussion, Eva said “Uncle Tom, I’m going there” [E4]. Tom has taught Eva about the Bible enough that Eva felt that she has faith and very sure that she is going there, which tells us that faith changes Eva’s hope to put hope to the heaven [R4]. During Eva’s illness, she gathered the servants, and told them she is going to heaven; she also told them how to get to heaven [CE5]. She said “but, if you want to go there, you must not live idle, careless, thoughtless lives. You must be Christians" [E5]. Eva is trying to tell her concerns toward their soul to dwell in the heaven, that they can also go to heaven if they become a Christian and live as a Christian. In other words, she encourages them to be a Christian and have hope to go to heaven [R5]. When Eva asked St. Clare whether he is a Christian or not, St. Clare asked Eva back about being a Christian [CE6]. Eva answered “loving Christ most of all” [E6]. Eva’s answer shows St. Clare that his faith to Christ is the key to be in heaven. Eva is faithful enough that she becomes a spiritual guide to her own father [R6]. Just as having faith on Jesus Christ put us hope in going to heaven, so too faith gives us comfort by trusting in the Lord in going through life tribulations

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