Analysis Of ' Tattoos On The Heart ' Essay

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In The World Who God Is (Tattoos on the Heart, p. 67)

I am a spiritual non-theist who has come to treasure a parable-filled memoir celebrating a vision of God in the world, authored by a Jesuit Priest. In 2010, Father Gregory Boyle, pastor of Dolores Mission since 1986 and founder of Homeboy Industries, serving to uplift the lives of gang members in Boyle Heights near downtown Los Angeles—a thoroughly savvy, engaging, astonishing writer and man, who holds degrees in English, and has been awarded the California Peace Prize—published his memoir. Tattoos on the Heart is a collection of stories/essays/sermons from the hot core of life in the barrio, and is like nothing I have read before. Boyle offers compassionate inclusion as the path to awakening and redemption, and his vision of the absolute equality of value of human life—his commitment to walk beside in kinship—unseats the ruling hierarchy of social status, wealth, class, and race that shuts us off from our shared humanity. It is a riveting, entertaining yet transformative read whose lesson is universal—both relevant and sorely needed in today’s world.

Tattoos has become a Los Angeles Times bestseller, winner of the 2010 SCIBA Book Award for Nonfiction, and has taken hold of the consciousness of its readers, imprinting its indelible pattern of powerfully drawn lives and experiences—fierce love, tragic patterns of loss, radical compassion and redemption. Explosions of violence, of exquisitely absurd humor, of hard-won…

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