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Home Remedies For Tattoo Swelling
Tattoo swelling is a side effect of getting a tattoo. This happens as the area with the ink undergoes healing. Swelling, however, does not occur in all tattoos. It is not uncommon though and should not make you panic. Small tattoos have been known to go through less swelling as compared to large ones. Most of the time, this swelling will be the natural healing process of the tattoo. This will most importantly not affect how your tattoo looks eventually.
The swelling occurs due to trauma inflicted on your skin as the needles used by the artist penetrate the same skin area continuously. The swelling will be your body’s automatic healing response as it sends white blood cells and other fluids to the wounded
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Did you check out his previous work before having yours done? Some artists are heavy-handed or rough when tattooing. This damages your skin even more than normal which leads to swelling and bruising.
When choosing a tattoo artist, it’s best to go with referrals. They can tell you how gentle or rough an artist is. Choose one that is gentle since they will cause less damage to the skin.
If you are under blood thinning medication, then chances are that you will bleed heavily throughout the session and for some time after that. This bleeding of the veins at a higher rate than normal will be represented as swelling and bruising.
Aspirin is another medication that increases one’s chance of swelling and bruising. Aspirin and similar medications prevent blood from clotting normally. More blood leaks and builds up at the pockets that are beneath the skin. This will appear as swelling and bruising.
Do not consume blood thinners including alcohol and coffee either during, before or after getting the tattoo.
In rare occasions, tattoo swelling indicates an infection. If the swelling is due to infection, then it will be accompanied by other symptoms including rashes, redness, skin that feels hot when touched and

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