The Importance Of Exam Time

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All throughout our education we are tested on knowledge. This inquires a person to understand material and information being administered to us, and then recalling the information later. It is normal for me to experience increased stress when preparing for an exam, and taking one. My behavior, thinking, emotions, and overall body, experience great change during exam time and I use methods to help this change.
During exam time I experience emotions such as fear, anger, and sadness. Not only does an exam test your knowledge, but the exam grade plays heavily into your class grade as a whole. If you get a bad grade it then lowers you chance to get a good grade in the class, in which can lower your GPA. In my nursing curriculum you have to maintain a certain GPA to stay in the nursing program. Thinking about all the hard work I put in to get into this program drives me to get the best possible grades. I fear that I could get kicked out of the nursing program, and I experience anger and sadness towards myself if I don’t receive satisfactory grades.
When I think of exam grades, I don’t only think about the present situation I am in, and about the material I’ll have to know, but I think about my future. Exam grades play a role in how are future turns out
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This has a lot to do with time management. By putting time aside to assess the exam before it actually comes, and being more aggressive towards studying before the exam, reduces the stress of not having enough time to understand the material. By also putting aside time to hang out with friends helps stress. These strategies are also known as proactive coping because they’re attempting to alter or modify the onset of a stressful event. With these methods it is getting ahead of the game before the stress comes at us all at

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