Exercise Lab: Choosing To Respond More Effectively

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6.2 Choosing to respond more effectively After completing this lab I realized there is always a clearer view of how you can choose to respond to situations in a more effective way if you take a step back and reflect on the situation. In this particular situation I will discuss one situation when I was frustrated. At this particular time I had visited the gym and attempted to complete a workout. However, every time I had a thought in my head about what I planned to do someone on was on that machine. I kept thinking to myself I did not come to the gym to wait in line for machines what is going on. I couldn’t tell if I was frustrated because I had to wait or because it seemed like the people who were using the machines didn’t know what they were …show more content…
Exercise is a great way to unwind after a stressful day or stress in general. Exercising helps manage stress physically as well as mentally. While exercising is always a great way to practice deep breathing techniques at the same time helps lower stress. When I exercise I am focusing on paying close attention to my breathing and what is going on right then in that moment, my core is engaged, what muscles do I feel working rather than stressing about the exam I took and could have possibly failed earlier. Taking the proper steps to manage my stress can only result in numerous health benefits overall. For me engaging in regular physical activity and resistance training not only helps to manage my stress but helps to improve my mood and relax. For me the best way to manage my stress is be doing physical activity which is considered a healthy coping strategy. Managing stress through exercise also helps in maintaining my mental fitness while reducing stress and helping me improve my cognitive function and except the things I can control. In the end, exercising also helps with controlling weight and maintaining my stress management. Managing exam stress with high energy resistance training provides me an effective release of negative emotions I felt with the stress. Resistance training helps manage and allows me to even decrease unwanted stress hormones like cortisol and increase the endorphins that boost my mood while redirecting my distraction and allowing me to forget about my exam and all the stress with

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