Kaplan And Kaiser: A Conceptual Analysis

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What was the most important thing in the reading?

“Most: Kaplan & Kaiser (2009, p. 5) states now more than ever, it’s your job to take control of your career, and it is in your power to manage your strengths so that they do not become weaknesses.”

We should be teaching students how to acquire skills to work in a global society. One thing that I try to share with students is to pursue your education, but also to think about entrepreneurship. When I was in school, I was taught get your education and go and work for someone else. I think students should now think about how to start their own companies and have people work for them. The undergraduate chapter that I advise I have gotten excited about some of their relationships as we have brought in new
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“Agree: Hogan, Hogan, & Kaiser (p. 28) states organizations rarely prepare managers for promotion or support them afterwards, but this “sink-or-swim mentality has been changing in recent years prompted by an increased focus on talent management and retention.”

If organizations are wanting to be successful, they are going to have to invest time and energy to ensure that people are properly train and have the skills to be successful. The one thing that I enjoyed about IBM was that I started as an application developer. I was a project manager for two different second line managers which allowed me to see other parts of the business. When I became a manager, I provided support to an off-shift operations team, and have managed CICS, DB2 System Programmers, and AS400 system programmers. Managed other project managers. When they sent me to new manager’s school, they trained you to have skills to work in different business units across different platforms. We knew also that we could not pursue new opportunities unless our managers found a replacement or sometimes we would look for our own replacement, but knew that it was still our manager’s

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