The Importance Of Dreams In College

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Life can get in the way of dreams. That is what happened to me. I never planned to graduate from college at the age of 28. My plan had been very simple: by age 28 I would be finishing my masters and I would be working for an accounting firm in the bay area. I will not lie and say that I did not want to give up because, at times, that is all I ever wanted to do, but there have always been reasons that have kept me moving forward towards accomplishing my dream of earning a college degree.
One of those reasons is my dad. His dream was to see me graduate not only high school but college and a university as well. He would always express to me the importance of an education not only for a sense of economic security but also to keep expanding my knowledge
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His name is Edwin and he is ten years old. He has had a really rough childhood. His father has never been in his life while his mother has verbally abused him many times that he has gone from dreaming of becoming a fireman to saying that he will just grow up to become a janitor. I have raised him as my son and have encouraged him to have dreams and aspirations, however, two years ago he told me that if someone as smart as me could not make it through college, then he did not have a shot at it either. Since that day, I promised myself that no matter what life threw my way that I would not miss a semester until I received my associate’s degree. I wish to prove to him that if he really wants something and works hard for it then he will be able to accomplish any or all of his dreams. It has been a tough road though; last semester I was close to dropping my classes due to unpredicted hardships, however, I received helped and I am currently in my last semester in …show more content…
To prove to myself that I can do this. Being in this journey has been really hard. There have been a lot of ups and downs and at times, as I have mentioned before, I have wanted to give up and just find a full time job that pays well and forget about my dreams. Last semester my whole life crumpled and I headed into a downward spiral that I thought that I would never survive. I was ill, depressed, and scared. I was tempted to leave everything and wallow in self-pity but a moment of clarity did appear. That moment opened my eyes. I understood that I needed to prove to myself my own self-worth, which was something I lacked due to years of mental, physical, and sexual abuse. During my father’s illness, I was involved with a man whom I wanted to believe that loved me and would protect me but instead all he wanted to do was brake me. My eldest brother helped me escape my abuser two years after my father’s death but he was murdered in the process. I was left broken and insecure. Last year, my abuser was released from prison and he tried to approach me even though I had a restraining order against him. Due to this reason I was scared, stressed, and depressed, which caused my body to grow ill. My business law professor noticed changes in my character and approached me. This is something I do not like to talk about but she was patient and let me tell her my story a little at a time throughout the semester. She held me in her arms and

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