College Is A Waste Of Time And Money Essay

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The essay “College is a Waste of Time and Money” talks about college students and how they aren’t in school because they want to be or because they want to learn. Rather, they are there because it has become the thing to do. College is seen mostly as a social gathering. It is just keeping kids form the real world for a few more years. It also allows student to be independent but still be financially dependent on their parent. In the essay the writer claims that college is a waste of time and money, but is it really? Once our nation desired to higher education, parents and high school counselors began to push kids towards getting a college degree. Parents feels that if their child goes off to college, they will have a better future ahead of them and be financially set. Most colleges want kids to go to their school, so they have to do whatever it takes to convince them to attend. All college are very competitive against each other trying to get each student to attend their programs. It’s like getting free sample in a food court. They all want your money so they are going to try and get you to choose their products. Just like picking the best tasting food from all of the free samples. College students will choose the college that is the most appealing to them. They are looking to have fun and not worry about studying so much.
When students go off to college they feel like they are unwanted. They feel like no one wants or needs them. This is because they are in school trying…

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