The Importance Of Doing One Good Deed A Day Essay examples

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In my daily life I have incorporate the idea of doing one good deed a day. I feel that doing one good thing a day whether that is helping strangers or picking up trash it makes me feel really happy at the end of the day. This leads to altruism, “helping someone in trouble with no expectation of a reward and often without fear for one’s safety “(Ciccarelli & White, 2015, p.490). I like the feeling that I have helped or done something good because it me feel there is still good thing to look forward to everyday. I have helped old people crossed streets, carry their groceries, picked up trash around my neighborhood, and more to make my day seem even brighter. Every day is a new day, so I have found that with every new day I can help more people with charity from my heart. I guess it is also a form of stress relieve for me, because it takes my mind off of stressful things and sort of unburden my heart. Everyone deals with everyday annoyances that cause them to just go crazy for a few minutes to probably the whole day with other situational problems. My second concept is hassles, little frustrations, “delays irritations, minor disagreements and similar small aggression” (Ciccarelli & White, 2015, p.424). To deal with daily hassles, I have plotted every possible solution to avoid the annoyance in my daily life. I have set out to plan ahead and schedule minor details that can happen in my everyday life. For example, if I know that my internet is kind of slow and I have to print…

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