Honesty: Why People Lie In Today's World

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Anybody can be lied to, which ever level you stand in todays world people will lie to you for good or bad reasons. It does not matter how much power or respect an individual obtains, people will carelessly lie to their face. In todays society, people lie because they are scared or in neglect of the truth,to avoid judgment and for the protection of others. When someone is scared to confront somebody else with the truth, they most likely end up lying to themselves or to others. For example, When someone is afraid of the outcome of a situation in which they will end up being the “bad guy,” they will do anything to prevent it from happening. This is what causes people to create a lack of trust now in days. Fear is the motive for dishonesty, because …show more content…
While it is the most common thing to do when trying to protect others from hurting there feelings it really is not. Being honest is the hardest thing to do because people do not want to give themselves up or someone else. Everyone lies in todays world. The government lies to the people, people lie to family, friends, strangers and to the law. Some times because it is beneficial for themselves or for others. People do not protect others by keep the truth from them, they actually end up hurting them more because they would have never expected that from that person. Many people expect the truth from everyone, but that is not how it works because sometimes speaking the truth can position someone in a dangerous situation. For example, what if the government was responsible for cancer, but didn 't want to let the people know because the earth is over crowded and there is limited space. If They release this information to the public it would create chaos all across the country. Sometimes it is better to keep secrets to prevent In todays society, people lie because they are scared or in neglect of the truth, for the protection of others and to avoid judgment. Liars don 't respect people and people don 't respect lairs. Some lie for the better and some for the worst. But behind every lie there is a reason for the dishonesty. It is whether people accept it and thats when it will be okay to keep the truth from others. Everyone lies, there is nothing anyone can do about it expect, if you can detect it while it is taking place. Lying has become part of life, even more, human

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