The Importance Of Digital Knowledge

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The ease of acquiring knowledge in this digital age one ponders whether that further develops or hinders the art of human thinking. There appears to be an overreliance on other sources than our own knowledge with an automatic go to google as a preference rather than thinking for yourself and a reluctance to problem solve or in creating the knowledge
Beslisle (2006, p.58) defines digital knowledge as a new condition of knowledge which can be processed and transformed by technological tools. According to Geisler (2008, p. 19), digital knowledge is knowledge not only accessed through digital tools, but also partially processed through digital tools. Knowledge is structured beyond the trinity of hierarchical definitions of data, information,
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The common mantra by ‘digital technophobes’ is that digital knowledge can only enhance thinking and therefore creation of knowledge. According to Baulerlein (2008, p. 149) as screens become more portable, people will read more, play more and learn more. This represents an utopian dream of perfection with the assumption of a core vision of shaping human nature with the consequences of human minds only soaring upwards (Baulerlein 2008, p. 149). Being a competent media literate human entails the ability to cope with the comprehension, production and negotiation of meaning within the culture. This describes digital knowledge as one form of knowledge, as opposed to the only foundation for creating human knowledge. Kakabadse et al. (cited in Geisler 2008, p. 11) defines knowledge as "information put to productive use." Thus, when one acts upon information, extracts value from it, and makes it useful for a given end, knowledge is generated. It is generally deemed socially unacceptable not to be a digitally literate …show more content…
Humans are treating their minds differently and are outsourcing their knowledge banks to a digital cloud. The amount of knowledge expected to retain is simply too much for the human brain to assimilate. This appears to create an outward appearance of creating expanding human knowledge, however it may be minimizing how humans think, the structure of how humans think and of creating human knowledge itself, but one which will impact on all global human citizens in the

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