The Importance Of Developing A Plan For A Crisis Situation Essay

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Finally, the central communication hub needs to remain in touch with staff as they work through the crisis. This is a major consideration that most forget when in a crisis situation. In most crises, a business must continue to function, which can only be accomplished if communication is established between employees and management. Ley, Ludwig, Pipek, V. et al. (2014), reiterate in their studies the importance of “inter-organizational collaboration” and creating a secure work environment will prevent rumor mills and keep business flowing in a positive, effective direction.
Although all crisis cannot be prevented, developing preventive strategies can help alleviate problems and aftermath from not having an effective communicated plan. Organizations must be willing to allocate necessary resources in order to be prepared for a crisis situation. Underestimating the importance of developing a plan can prevent the demise of an organization affecting all interested parties. If no plan is in place, there are survival tactics used to guide an organization through troubled times, such as avoidance, image restoration, and “stealing thunder” (Lee, 2016, p. 337), all leading to different outcomes. There is also the evaluation of using full vs. limited disclosure strategies, and finally having the proper crisis team in place to manage and navigate through the crisis.
As mentioned, all crisis cannot be avoided, however there are some crisis that with a proper…

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