Hrm 531 Week 3 Assignment

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Customer Satisfaction Ethics are an important part of a company’s success and taking care of the customers is a priority at Kroger. Employee who go out of their way to help customers will receive rewards for their kindness. Management have knowledge of who is going above and beyond through customer service satisfaction.
Ninety Days Free of Customer Complaints There are very rare times that customers have something good to say about an employee. They most often speak up when something goes wrong or an employee is rude to them. Our employees will carry business cards with their name, department, and some blank lines on it. Kroger will let the customers know that they have a complaint or something good to say about an employee, they need to
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The fifteen percent raise can be lowered at any given time that a supervisor or manager sees fit. The planner part consists of making decisions on where items that are part of his or her section are placed. The manager or supervisors will help if required. The planner can decide where to put new items, displays, and what to put on their area endcaps. Foss, Laursen, & Pederson (as stated in Joachim Breunig, Helge Aas, , & Maria Hydle, 2014, para 10) that “incentive systems as work practices that enhance innovation, internal communication flow and gives motivation.” The communication flow sometimes is lacking between customers to employees to management. People are afraid to make suggestions because of either repercussions or a close-minded supervisor. Kroger wants to give the opportunity for its employees to be instrumental in the success of both the store and the …show more content…
In these difficult economic times, we look for innovative ways to support our customer’s needs. If it means buying an item through a specialty store website, it will be done with only a five-cent extra charge. Employees are required to go above and beyond for customer satisfaction. This can be through ordering a customer’s item right on the spot, through their wrist band. It must be officially approved by a supervisor or the store manager, but we are here to please. This will give the employee a sense of gratification to be a part of the team through the store and the organization.
Increasing employee satisfaction is a mirror effect to customer satisfaction. ( If both the employer and the workplace environment are enjoyable to the employee, then the employee will usually return the satisfaction to the customer. Sometimes it is difficult to stop and answer a customer’s question, but the more loyal an employee is to the store, the better incentives he or she will receive in the long run.

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