The Importance Of Culture On Project Management

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In my opinion for the success of project, available good resources and smart PM is not enough. Environment within which project is going should also be considered.PM need to face lots of obstructions in running project. Conditions at different levels of project might be different furthermore can be very easy or can be highly difficult.PM is responsible to tackle such situations considering his team for that particular project. Realizing this environment means understanding the stakeholders and their ability to affect successful output (Wideman, 1990) .In order to have flexible capacity to face environmental complexity and sudden change found on many projects today the following skills are needed by the PM.High degree of self-reference, ability to flourish the change and develop various approaches towards the completion of project (Thomas, Mengel, 2008) While working on a project PM need to face different context within various …show more content…
Cultural differences plays vital role in implementation of project so managers are concerned about such multicultural projects to manage them very effectively keeping in mind number of cultural challenges interrupting project work. To achieve project goals and avoid cultural misunderstanding PM should be culturally sensitive and focusing on inventiveness and motivation by adaptable leadership (Amponsah, 2012, P.1&2).Project managers understand the need to give importance in influencing the projects cultural environment for benefit of stakeholders. Project manager should arrange trainings which will improve projects cultural environment. Moreover such trainings will provide strong tool in constructing competency and commitment to project and simultaneously improving team performance as well as final project quality (Widman, 1990,

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