Nonverbal Communication Skills Case Study

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1. The Friends video about nonverbal clues is about personal relationships. Does the video offer any insights about communication in the business world? Explain.
The video offers insights about communication in the business world. Personal relationships are similar to employees and coworker relationships when it becomes to nonverbal communication. People have different body expressions that tell us what a person is thinking or its reactions towards a certain circumstance. Facial expressions, eye contact, physical appearance, spatial behavior, tone, posture, etc. are some body expressions mentioned in the video that help friends to communicate as well as people in the business world. This nonverbal cues transmit messages without a verbal communication.
2. The body language expert described several "tells"
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It would be nice to know if a person is lying or not, if a person has an interest or not, if a person is upset or being sarcastic, etc.
It would be useful to understand and control my body language, that way I can connect and interact with people better, I can improve my presence and the signals that I am sending out to others, how people perceive me, and how professional my body posture is. By learning and improving my body language, I can have more confidence in myself, and a positive impact on others.
Nonverbal communication skills are useful for leaders in different ways; for example, to understand and communicate better with its followers. A leader with good nonverbal communication skills transmit trust and confidence to its followers. Exceptional leaders have the skills to send clear messages to its followers without the necessity of verbal communication. Exceptional leaders have the right tone of voice, gaze, manners, gestures, smile, etc. that help them to influence others through nonverbal

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