The Importance Of Critical Diagnostic Values Affect Nursing Practice

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How does the NPSG of effectively communicating critical diagnostic values affect nursing practice? The power of words should never be taken for granted. Professional training that promotes patient and department interaction is critical in meeting the changing needs and expectations of patients (Hanson, 2013). Nurses must be able to communicate with one another with confidence. This special skill-set for nurses enable them to assist in more positive outcomes for their patients. Nurses should invest in developing communication skills, beginning with administrators and continuing through the healthcare organization. According to Martin (2011), communication follows three rules: 1) As long as transactions are complementary, communication may continue indefinitely; 2) If there is a change to a crossed transaction, a break in the flow of conversation will occur; and 3) The outcome of ulterior transactions are determined at a psychological rather than social level. Using these rules of communication engagement, resolving communication difficulties can be a proactive attempt to improve communication skills. By performing this, nurses are allowed to initiate as well as react to any given situation. Providing opportunities for inter-professional communication is valued by both nursing and medical students. Further, undergraduate nursing and medical students may benefit from the encounters that harness the decision-making skills of both disciplines (Reising,…

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