Creative Learning In The Classroom Analysis

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Teachers are constantly finding and trying new ways to help students be engaged and interested in learning. Creative learning is one effective way to help students be more involved into what they are learning about in school. Creative learning can be different for every age level and knowing how to put students in an environment and giving tools that encourages creativity will help students become more interested into what they learning is a vital technique for teachers to learn and put into practice. The environment of which creativity takes place is very important. By controlling the amount of space a student has and the amount of light that is in the room can influence how creative young students can be. (Davies, Jindal-Snape, Collier, Digby, Hay, & Howe, 2013, p. 84) In early elementary classrooms it can be useful to set up specific places in the classroom that is designated for a specific type of activity. These spaces can be used as stations for specific types of activities that will utilize the students’ creative potential by using resources laid out by the teacher. These resources can be a multitude of objects, from art material to different types of technologies. As children are becoming more accustomed to different types of technologies, such as tablets and computers, these machines are being used to dive …show more content…
By being more involved in their learning and actually have a sense of accomplishment by finishing something that they created themselves will encourage them to love to learn more in the future. I have always been very hesitant about the use of technology in the classroom; I was never really sure how apps on tablets could be utilized effectively. After reading the article on use of technology in the classroom, I have a more open mind on how to utilize this and I am very interested into delving deeper into this

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