The Importance Of Counseling In College

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At Bowling Green State University students have the opportunity to receive counseling during the school week which are either individual appointments scheduled, walk-in hours for emergency sessions, or planned group sessions. In having the counseling center department at BG students are able to be given the help and attention that they seek. Whether that be if they are stressed with school, relationships both romantic, friendship, or family. The student could also suffer from mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, or eating disorders. And even the most basic issues can be helped such as being homesick or being an incoming freshmen transitioning throughout the big change. The counseling center, here at BG, gives students the opportunity …show more content…
Students are faced with the challenge of being alone for the first time and managing an acceptable academic record, long distance relationships with family and high school friends. Let alone the struggle to make new friends, get accustomed to living on our own, having new professors and curriculum standards. While of course eating healthy, working out, and not getting involved with any negative influences that college presents. All of these expectations can get overwhelming for any student no matter how well they deal with pressure. With having a counseling system, you have trained professionals that are willing to help you and most importantly want to help you. They will teach you how to manage everything that you face in college. Help you manage your problems, give new perspectives on issues, and possible help you overcome anxieties and worries that you may face with being in a new place. Because of the many options that Bowling Green’s counseling center offers students are not limited to just going one way to …show more content…
Personally, I dislike change, but it is not because I dislike what is being changed (most of the time) but it is because I have habits and patterns that I have fallen into as my life. In college, what I quickly learned that the entire first semester is complete change all the time. You are stuck in this position where some people expect you to know what you are doing all the time and others still treat you with baby gloves. So you are just standing there in the middle thinking “what on earth do I do” most of the time. Counselors are great to help with that problem, they are really good at leading you through crossroads in your life. They give great advice on situations that you may face or the change that you are facing. Some people think that “oh I can get advice from family, friends, etc.” and that is entirely true. I used to think just like that before I went to see my therapist back home. But the good part of counselors, which BG is offering students, is that these individuals do not know you. Which sounds crazy because they are giving you advice and they barely know anything about you. But having that second perspective from a person completely outside the situation and has no ties to the situation is really nice. And the great thing about most counselors is that they are honest, they are not going to tell you all that you want to hear but they are really good at

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